One of the priorities of the companies that manage toll motorways is to provide maximum security and fast access to vehicles entering into their facilities. They not only must be in perfect condition to avoid possible accidents, but need to be equipped with the appropriate technology to facilitate an immediate and quality response in case of incidents.

Placa autopistasIn this line, Guinaz has designed an Entry Panel specially addressed to toll roads which offers assistance to any vehicle from the track itself or from a control center. This  two buttons entry panel, made of stainless steel, it is equipped with two bi-directional microphones that increase audio quality, isolating external noise that may arise in the environment thanks to the use of TCP-IP protocols.

It also has a high resistance to weathering, continued use and potential environmental effects, endowing in addition, a exclusive water drainage system that minimizes the chances of failure both moisture and liquid intrusion.

With this new entry panel, a solution of instant communication is presented to manage incidents caused in motorway tolls in a dynamically way and from distance, extending the effective management of access, either from any mobile device or from any control workstation.


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