One of the priorities of the companies that manage toll motorways is to provide maximum security and fast access to vehicles entering into their facilities. They not only must be in perfect condition to avoid possible accidents, but need to be equipped with the appropriate technology to facilitate an immediate and quality response in case of incidents.

In this line, Guinaz has designed its own electronics especially for highway installations, which favors the attendance to any vehicle from the own way or from a remote control center. One of the highlights of this solution is the full duplex audio quality, isolating the external noises that may arise in the environment, thanks to the use of the TCP-IP protocols Guinaz offers several possibilities of installation of this new solution for highways:

  1. Electronics integrated into electromechanical posts

sistema-ip-en-autopistas-espanaAll the benefits of electronics designed for assistance on highways, integrated into the posts located on highways. This option is adapted for both trucks and cars, equipped with two microphones and two loudspeakers to facilitate easy communication at two heights.

    2. Stainless Entry Panel with double interface and double height

Solution focused on highways with support to both cars and trucks, so that, on the same pole, installing two entry panels and two- way electronic intercommunication enables to remotely service all vehicles. Each panel includes microphone, speaker and a push button. The system is designed for one of them to interact as an interface for cars / motorcycles and the other as interface for trucks.

       3. Stainless steel Entry Panel with an interfacePlaca autopistas

This stainless Entry Panel includes a flush mounting kit, with a holding frame and hidden screws for a perfect fit on the pole and protection for the weather and vandalism. Thanks to its system of evacuation of the water, it manages to reduce to the minimum the possibilities of damage by humidity or liquids intrusion.

Guinaz presents a communication and remote management solution to manage the incidents caused on highways in an efficient and remote way, increasing the effectiveness in the access management, either from any mobile device or from any control point.

Last modified: 17 April, 2017

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