Since 2015 Guinaz Videoporteros,  Spanish manufacturing company with more than 23 years of experience in the electronics sector, it is member of the French Federation of Home Automation, with the intention of bringing its interior communication solutions to this market and continue to expand.


Recently, this link has been renewed with the conviction of following these lines of work in a future and to collaborate jointly to enhance the benefits that the domotic systems provides.

The French Federation of Home Automation has more than 20 years of activity, being a reference in the domotics sector and promoting the introduction of this technology in homes and commercial environments.

Guinaz IP range products are highly compatible with other home automation systems,making it the ideal solution for remote access control. This integration allows from a single device and under SIP protocol, opening doors, control of security cameras and call forwarding, among other features.

With all this, new possibilities to the monitoring and management of intelligent automation devices are suitable in both homes and office buildings and also hotels, hospitals or stores, through a remote control unit.

Last modified: 15 February, 2017

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