Elegance and functionality are two characteristics that perfectly describes Guinaz SIP Smartive monitor, but if we talk about its new desktop version, it becomes an element of interior communication of maximum functionality and versatility.

Smartive blanco de sobremesa ladeadoSuitable for homes, offices or shops to control access to their facilities and communications from any part of the site through a 7”color hands free touch screen. The Smartive desktop version monitor enables, due to its small dimensions ,mobility and adaptability to the needs of each environment.

This solution, enables the manage of all Smartive features  and divert audio and video calls to smart devices, not being neccesary any works at site to incorporate the product and from anywhere with a network connection.

The desktop version of the well known Guinaz SIP Smartive monitor will facilitate the management of access  and security control from anywhere and in any building or installation.

Smartive desktop

Last modified: 2 March, 2017

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