Security is already a global concept that not only includes a camera or alarm installed in the building, but a whole different interconnected and closed security devices that facilitate the control and facilities management system.

Easy to use, intuitive and flexible: these are the three main characteristics that must have all security system of large and small installations. Both in offices and in shopping malls or other facilities it is necessary to have a technologically advanced system that ensures comprehensive control and prevention of potential threats and preserve the safety of consumers and staff, by  the interconnection of safety devices and encrypted communications.

The combination of comfort, adaptability and safety of shopping malls, it is fully provided by the IP system. This technology enables integrated security and access control to any installation management, allowing users to manage through a single device: different access mechanisms, intercom, surveillance through a CCTV (CCTV), opening doors or remote alarm management, among others.

Last modified: 29 September, 2016

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