Facilities such as solar or wind power plants are designed to work autonomously without the continuous presence of workers. However, at times, technicians can be displaced for repair or check  the facility.

Oficinas de instalaciones no asistidas

For these scenarios, Guinaz offers communication and access control solutions through the installation of an entry panel with access control system that enables:

  • To provide access security to the plant, managing a control of the personnel that access to the facilities.
  • To manage all facilities, regardless of where they are from a single checkpoint. From that position, all income calls are received (Audio / video)  from non-monitored installations.
  • Remote Support, because any call made from the installation, in the event of not being answered, may be diverted from the control post to a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Possibility of installation without network cabling with external GSM modules or WiFi repeaters.

Esquema instalaciones no asistidas_ENG

This system ensures support remotely, saving time-outs and displacement, thus solving the incidences faster.

Last modified: 17 April, 2017

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