Guinaz opens the doors of intelligence and interior design in communication with its SMARTIVE monitor, a combination of functionality and design integrated into a single device. With the new  Guinaz IP SMARTIVE monitor is possible to maximize the features that the IP system offers thanks to its ability to intercommunicate different IP monitors and integrate with home automation systems, combining applications that facilitate and improve both comfort and safety of users and simultaneously achieve and increase the quality of users life.


The Smartive IP System allows to revert the audio and video call when it can´t be answered, by the monitor automatically reverting  the call to smart devices such as Smartphone, PC or Tablet (having 3G, 4G, Wifi, ADSL) from any remote location to receive in-time communication and to immediate answer.

Moreover, to security and surveillance of homes, offices, buildings or other facilities, Smartive allows to manage other access points such as rotating surveillance cameras at CCTV installations, always under SIP protocol, being able to visualize, control and monitor different surveillance cameras from a single monitor.

Guinaz has integrated other features on its Smartive monitor to make a practical usability and facilitate user comfort. These include:

• The answering function display on screen unattended call and automatic image capture and video.

• Opening doors from any remote location.

• Intercommunication care. The SOS function allows emergency communication between the user and any health center.

In the following video you can see the operation of the IP communication SMARTIVE system:

IP system Smartive

For more information on the IP Guinaz system or Smartive monitor, you can consult the catalogue linkor contact us.

Last modified: 8 July, 2016

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