Guinaz Communications and Security Systems and Ibernex, a company belonging to the Pikolin group, specialized in the development and integration of technological solutions and services aimed at health and the equipment of high-occupancy buildings, are working together in the commercialization of Ibernex’s solutions, in the national and international market, supported by Guinaz’s experience in communication and security projects for buildings.Guinaz-Ibernex

– Helpnex:  a complete communication solution that covers the communication and traceability needs of social health centers (hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, health centers, rehabilitation centers) to optimize the center’s productivity and the well-being of users.

Safenex:  the optimal security solution, management and control of the facilities, ensures intercommunication, location, access control or asset management, adapting to the needs of each space (from small businesses to large centers).

The agreement of Guinaz Communications and Security Systems and Ibernex arises from the need to offer professional solutions, communication and security synergies along with an efficient and close service to clients.


The Guinaz team is at your disposal for questions and inquiries about these communication and security solutions involving social or health care buildings projects.


Last modified: 12 February, 2019

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