Earlier this month GUINAZ was visited by the company ASTERO, distributor specialized in ASTERO-VISIT_-150x150communication systems, security and surveillance, with base in Moscow, and interested in Guinaz product and factory.

ASTERO-SIGN-150x150During the visit, ASTERO had the opportunity to see the facilities where GUINAZ designs and produces all its communication systems, from digital to IP-Sip. They also received technical and commercial training of products and the company.
Later, managers of both companies, Alfonso Guindulain by GUINAZ and Viacheslav Shashkov by ASTERO signed a distribution and Technical Support agreement for Russia, where ASTERO will be the official distributor and Technical Support department of the Guinaz products.

Astero has an extensive experience in design, installation and Technic service of security projects, between their installations there are facilities such as business center of class A+ “Legend of Tsvetnoy” and Moscow Brewing Company.


Astero acquired this commitment with Guinaz being a young and dynamic company, with great potential for innovation and design and for the functionality of its IP system.

With over 20 years of experience, Guinaz has specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic cards. This has led them to develop their own communication solutions for residential and commercial applications, following the philosophy of systems integration.

For brand promotion in Russia Guinaz will show the IP equipment at the fair ALL OVER IP November 18th–19thin Moscow (www.eng.all-over-ip.ru/2015), workshops of uses and applications of Guinaz IP system will be made at the fair.


Last modified: 7 July, 2016

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