Mexico is one of the countries with the most notable economic growth in Latin America in recent years. Guinaz, as a company specialized in design and manufacture of communication and security systems, has increased its presence in the country, promoting the relations between SPAIN and MEXICO for more than two years.

The commitment to market innovation in IP networks has allowed us to deploy different solutions based on IP systems for more than 3 years, and offer our clients different functionalities such as remote communication management or communication between monitors, as well as of improvements in design and aesthetics.

Placas Guinaz

On the other hand, the application of our own electronics in access control systems is also a target in the growing Mexican market. The residential area, service stations or public projects, such as highways and tolls, are the most interested sectors in this kind of solution.

The collaborations with local integrator companies,after sales support and adaptability to each sector and need, are some of the values ​​that guarantee Guinaz as a company committed to its customers.

Relations with Mexico strengthen the international presence of Guinaz, which is currently present in European and Middle Eastern markets.

Last modified: 2 May, 2018

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