The fair held in Moscow from 18 to 19 November 2015 brought together the leading brands of IP products in the telecommunications sector.

ASTERO distributor, presented the new monitor GUINAZ SMARTIVE which together with the multicall  keyboard entry panel, offers to the market a unique system of communication through entirely IP-SIP protocols.

Numerous visitors at the fair were particularly interested in the possibilities offered by the IP-SIP technology which apply to the residential market and the tertiary one.

The attention was drew regarding the ease of installation of the system not requiring the use of a new cabling, since it is possible to use the existing network cable in the installation itself along with any other system using the same IP-SIP technology, which means substantial savings in wiring costs and labour.

There were also highlighted the many possible options in terms of functionality as it allows  the opening of any door or barrier remotely, using smart devices (smartphones, tablets, computers.)

Finally, all the visitors were able to confirm by themselves the possibilities of the system in terms of compatibility with any other video surveillance systems, access control or IP PBX as it allows to have a global communication system controlled and managed from a single point.


Last modified: 8 July, 2016

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