Guinaz extends its range of Alea IP entry panels  with new functionalities and communication solutions, such as the “second streaming”. This enables image and calling of the entry panel to act independently, so a  user can capture the images from the enntry panel and take them to any other device.

In addition, the user can view the camera of entry panel and receive an audio and video call, simultaneously, without losing any communication.

This new line of IP Alea entry panels come also with a lot of novelties. Among others:

  • It incorporates luminous icons that emit a led light indicating to the user in which state the communication is (opening door, calling, open communication or occupied), a very important factor for people with hearing disabilities.
  • You can set up a call from an entry panel to several different monitors until someone answers the call.
  • Enables Alerts via voice message of the door opening and sends a warning to the monitor and Smartphone in case the door is left open by error.
  • It enables to make calls diversions to other terminals with control of schedule, being able to change the schedules by the owner without the need of an installer.
  • Allows access to the facilities according to the schedule established during the installation of the access control module.
  • It is equipped with a 5 megapixel video camera with 150º angle.
  • Enables to install entry panel with standard call push buttons from 1 to 255 and also posible to  install single panel with keypad  which enables 999 sip address calls.

Combining this new Alea Entry panel with the Guinaz Smartive Monitor, we got the perfect communication and security package for housing, services and offices.

For more information on this new line of ALEA IP Entry Panels, please contact us and ask for a quote!

Last modified: 29 September, 2017

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