Access to parking lots, both public and private, as well as factories, warehouses or other facilities often requires specific personnel for access control, which carries a higher cost to the company. Therefore, this type of establishments and installations require a system to establish access control and opening doors and barriers remotely and securely.

Guinaz IP systems enable control of multiple installations from a single control point through the use of structured cabling network. This type of product has the functionality to revert the call both audio and video from an IP Entry Panel to any intelligent device such as tablet, IP video phones or Smartphones. Thus, opening doors and barriers can be managed from any point eliminating distance limitations and enabling control of the car parks or unattended installations through a non-contact manner.

In addition, in order to increase security at the facility, Guinaz  IP products can integrate CCTV cameras and monitors which include the answering function displaying  onscreen notice of calls that have not been addressed at the time, along with the image capture and recording remotely.

Last modified: 6 September, 2016

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