Guinaz IP Entry Panels and Monitors allow the user to establish an audio-video communication between the entry pane and any device or group of devices, under IP-SIP communication protocol: Smartive Monitor, Smartphone and / or IP phones.

In addition:

  • Answer and manage any calls or incidents in remote and without the need for transfers, thanks to the fact that there is no need for a cabling installation between the Entry Panel and monitors.
  • Opening of doors and barriers at a distance. The devices that receive the call can be present anywhere, whenever they have Internet connection, and from them open the door or barrier from where the call has been made.
  • Viewing remote IP cameras from Smartive monitor.
  • Revert of the call to several IP devices, being able to control from any of them the accesses to the installations.

For example, in a parking (public or private) the following communication could be made:

Esquema parking_ENG

Finally, in the following video, you can see how a call forwarding to a second IP Smartive monitor is performed. Thanks to this system, travel times are saved, management and efficiency is gained in the attention of the calls and in the control of the whole installations.

Last modified: 17 April, 2017

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