Intelligent security through an intercommunication system, allows the opening of doors and barriers in remote, video surveillance, access control, maintain a call log, as well as provide all the traditional services expected from a communication and security system.

The market for intercom, security and surveillance, in residential, industrial and tertiary environments, has changed a lot in recent years, making a video door entry system no longer just a call-opening system. Guinaz Videoporteros is a company in continuous growth that bets on the development of new products and the implementation of advances to adapt to the most avant-garde needs in the sector of intelligent security, intercommunication and access control.

What benefits offers the Guinaz video door entry system in the field of security?

• Opening doors and barriers remotely (with the possibility of doing so in an encrypted way so that security is maximized)
• Call forwarding to mobile devices. So that from a single terminal can attend all notices.
• Remote surveillance through the viewing of cameras from anywhere
• Automated access control by code, card or fingerprint and by schedules
• Record of recent calls
• Support and remote management
• Automation of access control for companies

What applications offers video door entry systems as communication and access control systems?

The IP video intercoms are not only applicable to the residential area, but they bring great advantages to other sectors such as offices, campsites, hotels and shopping centers, parking, motorways, unassisted facilities, gas stations … by meaning any installation or business that requires  communication and security on site and remotely.
If you have any questions about how to choose a communication and access control system for industrial buildings, warehouses, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, car parks, homes, etc., please contact us by calling +34 948 713 182 or through from

Last modified: 12 December, 2017

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