The video door phones and entry systems are very useful elements in all types of installations, not only in a house, but also in offices, shops, factories,  ships , hotels, car parks and shopping centers. All of them need a quality and safe communication system to control the security of the facilities and to handle communications.

Video Door Entry Systems, thanks to the IP technology, enables the user to benefit from many functionalities, beyond the opening of doors and barriers, such as:

Placas IP superpuestas

Maximum security in the facilities

The IP video door  entry system not only enables the user to know who is asking  for  access into the facilities, but also, from the same monitor installed inside the building enables to take calls and view security cameras, always prioritizing the first option.

On the other hand, Entry Panels enables the incorporation of access control systems by code, key or fingerprint, which further increases the security of the facilities.

Remote support and call forwarding

Thanks to IP technology, video door entry systems enables you to open doors and barriers, provide support, answer calls and video surveillance mode remotely, without the need to be present and from any smart device. This is very useful for hotels, car parks, petrol stations or unassisted facilities, where staffing costs are saved.

Videoporteros IP

Guinaz IP products also enables calls to be made according to a previously defined schedule control. In addition, thanks to the functionality known as the “second streaming”, the image and calling of the Entry Panel operates independently, that is, a user can capture the images on the Entry Panel and save them to any  othe device.

Guinaz: The  Best IP products range

Guinaz’s range of IP products, 100% manufactured in our factory in Spain, providing quality, functionality and design with more than 20 years of experience.

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Last modified: 6 July, 2017

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