Security is one of the most important aspects for companies, whether large corporations or small businesses, and homes. The Access control systems are a key element in a security system, mostly every day are implemented by these users because it is necessary to  manage and monitor staff movements and particular access to the different facilities.

Today, technological advances in Access Control systems help us to safely protect the facilities and staff, to reduce the cost of security personnel to keep track of the hours and people access (applied especially to large companies registered entries employees) and increased competitiveness and service, among other advantages.

In addition, interconnection with other security systems and communication allow better overall management connecting access control, CCTV systems and communication systems in enterprises and businesses.

Guinaz has a range of “Access Control Systems” adapted to the needs of each company:

  • Access module with RFID card: Allows access to any building or property through proximity cards. System available with or without inputs and outputs management software. 
  • Coded access keypad: Keypad access code allows to activate any lock through one or more codes, it may act independently or integrated into facilities of any Guinaz system. 
  • Key access module: The key reader allows you to assign access permissions to different users, monitoring of coming and leaving of Personnel Staff and control the status of the security system at any time.
  • Fingerprint reader access module: Allows open the door from any building or property thanks to the fingerprint reading. Maximum protection and security against forgery thanks to live finger detection with RF sensor technology.

Last modified: 12 January, 2017

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